What Did the Muslim Brotherhood Say to Gather their Members on Today’s “One Million“ Marches ?

MB protest Tahrir-Square-protests-009
President Mohamed Morsi supporters holding his pictures in Tahrir Square, Cairo. Credit Picture : Julien Warnand/EPA.

(Initially published on Hoqook News Networks website on Friday, December 14, 2012 ; the following article was edited on August 15, 2015, in view of clarity.)

Few tips explaining Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to motivate their supporters in joining Friday [December 14, 2012] marches.

On last December 9, 2012, Vice-President Mahmoud Mekki and renowned lawyer Dr. Mohamed Salim Al-Awa held a meeting, announcing controversial President’s Constitutional Declaration of November 22, 2012, would be replaced, and calling their members to rally « the march of the revolution » on Friday 14, to support the president’s legitimacy.Lire la suite »

Is Morsi Strong Enough to Start the Battle Against the Judiciary ?

Photo credit AP Egyptian Prosecutor General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud

 (Photo credit: AP) Egyptian Prosecutor General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud addresses his supporters, defying a presidential decision to remove him from his post.

On [October 10, 2012], Muslim Brotherhood publicly defied Egypt judiciary by telling it failed condamning the 25 defendants in the Battle of the Camel trial, then adding Prosecutor General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud, in charge of the trial and formerly appointed by Hosni Mubarak, should resign from office. The 25 were accused of murder in one of the bloodiest battle between Mubarak henchmen and protesters, on February 2, 2011. As an answer, Mahmoud declared he would not leave his post unless he is assassinated, referring to different threats Mahmoud said Muslim Brotherhood addressed him.

The following day, President Mohamed Morsi announced that Mahmoud was offered a post as Egypt’s ambassador to the Vatican. The president said the decision aimed at protecting top Prosecutor from people displeased with Court’s decision in the Battle of Camel trial. However, Mahmoud refused the higher status and presented himself at his office next morning. With the support of the Judge’s Club and of many colleagues, he pointed out that the president does not have any constitutional right to dismiss him. Meanwhile, Vice President Mahmoud Mekki presented another version of the events in an official statement. Mekki claimed that Mahmoud accepted an ambassadorship to the Vatican at first, in compliance with the presidency, then changed his decision. This other version allegedly shows Mahmoud challenged Morsi. At stake is Morsi’s ability to impose his views to Prosecutor-General.

On October 13, 2012, top Prosecutor Mahmoud, the High Judicial Council and President Morsi held a meeting after which Mahmoud expressed his gratitude towards the president, who he said had approved his choice to remain in position.

A the end, Morsi failed in replacing a top member of the Judiciary who belongs to Mubarak’s circles, despite his numerous manoeuvres to force him to withdraw. In the power struggle, Mahmoud was backed by stronger personalities, allies of the former era, members of the old regime institutions.

Women Demonstrate Against Article 36 of the Constitutional Draft

About 200 people gathered in front of the Shura Council on October, 2nd [2012], to defend Women’s rights. 36th article’s draft of the new Constitution is at stake. The demonstators, most of them intellectuals, stood up against the article’s representation of Egyptian society. Demonstrators said they were defendind their rights and the one of their children. Hoqook asked several demonstrators why they came to the street. Here is a mix of sounds and voices of yesterday’s demonstration.

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Doctors Start Strikes After Negociations Failure

Doctors started a nationwide strike yesterday on October, 1st [2012], in response to negociations failure between President Mohamed Morsi and the doctors’ union leaders.

Listen to different interviews from today doctors’ strike. The doctors have been demonstrating to reform the current Health Care system. Until now, as they say, hospitals are under-equipped, doctors under-paid and patients not enough taken into account.Lire la suite »